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Who am I?

Actualizado: 13 oct 2018

I have chosen to write in English first because my literacy in Shakespeare´s language is basic and I thought it might be easier to answer the most difficult / complicated / complex but also personal question that each human being has been trying to unravel from the beginning of the time: "WHO AM I?"

After so many years working in my ´personal emotional intelligent development´, we can begin to ask another question: "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?", well, I can answer this age old question "WHO AM I?" with a very powerful statement: I AM LOVE, and I am here to learn how to love unconditionally.

I can say that I should be love because when love is in my present moment I am happier and I am at peace.

I know it is difficult to understand in or daily, basic life but, when you are aware of the power of your mind and the power of your thought your life starts to change!

I could explain here my CV/Resumé but I don’t think it would change anything to list all the labels I’ve been given from my CV . Even still, as I am still part of this society, I will elaborate for those who wants to know more.

Currently, I am living in the UK for the last 5 years and I am working with our future generation of human beings as their Spanish teacher. My spiritual teachers/guides are: my mother*, Falele (My Godfather and Catholic priest), Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Matthieu Richard*, Deepack Chopra*, Sidra Jafri, Vicente and Ana Ferrer*, Gandhi, Jesús. I will share with you their teachings, quotes, experiences and HOW they can help us TO BE HAPPY NOW. You can read them in some posts through my blog. [*photos taken by myself]

I am the youngest daughter of two Spanish loving and beautiful souls and I have a lovely sister. My family has been a blessing in my life. My parents got divorced when I was a teenager, and after a lot of support I understood that it was the best choice because there are different ways to show love but at the end, IT IS ALL LOVE and always RESPECT IS THE BEST OPTION.

My youth was intense but, who didn´t have an intense life when they were a teenager?

I was dedicated to the path of being a Vet since I was 10 years old, therefore I ended up at the University study the great career who was going to save every single animal in this planet. Of course it wasn´t to be so and I can't deny that it wasn't easy and took longer than expected, but at the end I finished my dream degree, with a lovely boyfriend but without any clue about my future.

I will summarize the following years: I worked as a tutor with a lot of kids, in my first ´real´ job I didn´t have a good experience, but the positive side is that I left with an Expert degree in Organic Farming; I worked for my county as a researcher and I helped to write a book about organic hens; I did speeches and lectures about organic farming, (I have to say that I enjoyed a lot); but when the crisis came to my country I decided to go for a different style and make the difference working with teenagers; I went back to the Uni and I studied a Master degree in Education.

In that time, I was already in my MEDITATION journey, thanks to my mum,(a beautiful soul who is a Therapist and a Volunteer French Teacher in India) who taught me how to BE FOCUSED ON MY BREATHING AND IN OUR PRESENT MOMENTS.

I wouldn´t like to share bad experiences here because I feel that ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS ARE THE KEYS OF OUR HAPPINES; let´s say that I went through painful situations during my life, that I got over them, and I became the lovely woman that I am, maybe I will share some with you in another post. ;-)

Summarizing, when I had saved enough money I went to USA to visit my American sisters (not by blood but by choice) once there, I started to realize how important is to BE THE OBSERVER OF YOUR LIFE. As a result I made the biggest step in my life and change my life completely. I left my job as a teacher in an Academy and I came to England to live this new adventure.

That new situation made me realized the I was already happy; BECAUSE HAPPINNESS IN INSIDE YOURSELF BUT YOU ARE NOT AWARE YET... until you are, and that is the objective of this blog, to help you to open your eyes to your inner happiness.

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